Other conspicuous international design prizes:


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Fashion Accessories PrizeYachts and Sailors PrizeBuilding PrizeStudent Works Prize
Homeware PrizeFashion Goods PrizeBest of Best PrizeConference Prize
Street Furniture PrizeBest Aircraft PrizeCreation PrizeSocial and Behavioral Sciences Prize
Architectural Design PrizeArchitects PrizeGreatest Architects PrizeForemost Prize
Contests' PrizeHighlighting PrizeTop Architects PrizeArchitecture Art and Design Prize
Designers PrizePerfect PrizeChallenge PrizeProfessional Architect Prize
Professional Architects PrizeEnergy Products PrizeJewelry PrizeWatch Prize
Entertainment Products PrizeHR Programs PrizeTrophy PrizeOutranking Prize
Shortlisted PrizeTableware PrizeDisplay Units PrizeMathematics Prize
White Goods PrizeBlack Goods PrizeDictionary PrizeOutranking Furniture Prize
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